8 Diy Cleaning Tricks For Your Carpet

Carpets decorate your home with a welcoming gesture, it gives a very premium look to your home. They are available in a wide range of prints, designs, colors, patterns, etc., these beauties adorn a warm feeling of elegance. However, it is very often a chance of getting spills, splashes, stains, etc. which leads your carpets to look dull and dirty.

Carpets are good decor for our home but it needs regular clean-up and deep cleaning too which need to be done frequently or occasionally. However, cleaning carpets is not that cheap and may cost one grand. But there are several DIY cleaning tricks for your carpet available by using which may save a good amount of money along with valuable time.

While vacuuming your carpets regularly may be enough for keeping your carpets clean for the long term. It is also important to deep clean the carpets. Choose a reliable carpet cleaning service in Seaford Rise for the same.

DIY Cleaning Trick for Your Carpet

Follow these smart cleaning projects and follow the smartest cleaning hacks to keep your carpets new as always

  1. Buffing surfaces with the help of olive oil: Olive oil is one of the DIY cleaning tricks for your carpet. It has many benefits. It can increase your carpet’s life as it has a lot of nutrition on it. Olive oil can be your friend while carpet cleaning. It can remove strong or tough stains. All you need to do is to put some olive oil on a dry soft cloth. Then rub the affected area in a circular motion to get rid of the stains.
  2. Detox the garbage disposal with lemon or limes: Many people don’t bother to throw their garbage or dispose of it. But for maintaining cleanliness you need to dispose of the garbage with the use of lemon or limes.
  3. Eliminate water stains with shaving cream: No one could have ever imagined that a normal shaving cream that men use to shave a beard can work as a cleansing agent. Yes, you heard it right, normal shaving cream can help you to get rid of tough stains. All you have to do is to apply the shaving cream or leave it for 15 minutes. Then, wipe it off, and the results will be visible to you.
  4. Eliminate foul odors from carpet: For maintaining the health of your carpet a DIY cleaning trick for your carpet is that you should always clean or eliminate foul odors from it. For removing bad odors you can use the mixture solution of water and vinegar. It not only helps you to remove bad odors but also kills germs.
  5. Dust windows blind & carpet with old socks: Window blinds can also be a reason for your dirty carpet and it is very tough to clean them as it has multiple shapes or sizes. So, for cleaning window blinds you should use vinegar and water solution. Put some vinegar and water solution on an old clean sock and wipe the window blinds.
  6. Remove pet hair with rubber gloves: One of the best DIY cleaning tricks for your carpet to get rid of pet hair is using rubber gloves. Pet hairs are very stubborn and they stick to your carpet’s fabrics which is hard to remove for your standard vacuum. In that case, you can remove pet hair with rubber gloves. Pet hairs are attracted to soft feathery surfaces, so your gloves can wipe out all the pet hairs.
  7. Baking soda for a hands-off stovetop scrub: You will be shocked to know that baking soda is one of the best cleansing agents. All you should do is mix baking soda with water and sprinkle it all over your carpet. After one hour, wipe it.
  8. Carpet fluffing technique: Another DIY cleaning trick for your carpet is the carpet fluffing technique. Your heavy furniture must have damaged or left dents on some parts of your carpets. So, dealing with it you should place ice cubes on the dented area and wait for it to melt. After it melts totally, places a moist towel and iron it. All done.


So, these are 8 DIY cleaning tricks for your carpet, follow them and keep your carpet clean and healthy.